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Contingent Fee Payment

Practical Billing Alternatives

Traditionally, businesses have paid for legal services on an hourly basis. However, D. Scott Heselmeyer, PC realize that the billable hour may no longer be the best arrangement in the modern business environment, especially for companies that cannot afford to tie up cash or capital in litigation. That's why he offers practical alternatives to the billable hour such as contingency fees.

A contingent fee is a services fee that is paid only when there is a favorable result in your case. No fees are charged if the case is lost. Civil litigation can be expensive, which sometimes prevents businesses from taking important legal actions to protect their rights and interests. A contingency fee case allows a company to pursue legal remedies with no financial liability if there isn't a positive settlement to your legal problem.

If you have a business matter that requires competent legal counsel and skilled representation, contact an Austin business lawyer to discuss your case and billing options such as contingency fees.

Austin Business Attorney

If you want to file a lawsuit against another company for compensation, but you are worried that you cannot afford the legal representation, a contingency fee payment structure may work for you. Scott Heselmeyer represents clients who own small, medium and large businesses. Many companies don't have the cash on hand for litigation, or want to avoid using large amounts of capital for litigation. With a contingency case, you will only be charged a fee if he was able to successfully obtain a recovery for your business.

As with all payment types, he will thoroughly review your case and answer any specific questions you have on the arrangement. He only take cases in which he believes will result in a recovery.  He has tremendous respect for business owners, and will provide the extra service and support you need to safeguard your enterprise, including contingency fees and other flexible payment options such as:

He follows the Texas Lawyer's Creed and always honor the statement "I am responsible to assure that all persons have access to competent representation regardless of wealth or position in life."  If you have a business that is losing money because of another corporation's faults, such as failure to keep their word or honor an agreement, a contingency arrangement will help you get the justice you deserve, and will help you keep your business on solid financial footing.

Contact an Austin Business Lawyer if you have a business matter requiring legal advice to find out about contingent fee cases.

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